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Nachdem es um Mountford in der letzten Zeit ja sehr still geworden ist, habe ich diese Woche eine Mail von CNCollectables bekommen, in denen unter anderem auch Mountford Modelle wieder auftauchen. Hier mal die Mail mit den wichtigsten Links:

August 2021 newsletter from CN Collectables

Hi and it’s August so here are some updates of what has been happening at CNCollectables and what to look forward to later this year.

Mid July we produced a painted version of our Dover Ferryport Kit. Stock of the kits will arrive on 18th August. In addition we produced a new run of the Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales Carriers. This is essentially the mark 3 of this brilliant ship and as usual there are some changes such as a new decal and some remodelling of the superstructure. We also received six new helicopter models which nicely fill some needs for Royal Navy ships. In September there will be 7 more new ones with the USN as theme.

USS Gerald Ford sold out very quickly and we will have some more in August. Our first batch sold out mostly to pre-orders so if you want one, please let us know. When we have stock, we will invoice you. Both Ford and the QE are now in a very strong card box. We still have a few Bangor submarine bases left in kit and painted form.

The final items in July were new stock of submarines Typhoon, Redoubtable, Seawolf, Jimmy Carter and Astute with dry dock shelter. Pleased to say that we have almost all the 60-boat range in stock. The submarine catalogue is up to date and in the website library. We have also created a Helicopter Catalogue page.

We are very busy with the bulk of the Dover Ferryport kits being made for middle August. We shall also receive a new run of full hull Typhoons. Also, in production for September are more of the Type 31 frigate, the remodelled and detailed metal versions of the Bay Class (incl HMAS Choules) and the Life-ex Type 23 frigate in several pennants which are all in current service. We have remodelled our resin type 23 into metal for a new run too and these will have pennants too and individual catalogue numbers. Our aim is to cover ships not covered previously

Our final major effort for 2021 and going into 2022 is the remodelling and remaking of the entire Falklands Fleet in the back catalogue. There will be “Falklands 40” Gift Sets featuring a major ship, escorts, and a submarine. Ships will be also available individually starting with HMS Glamorgan and HMS Antrim and moving onto more escorts and of course we need HMS Invincible to go with Hermes and Fearless/Intrepid.

All these new exciting new products will have availability dates and prices added on the up-to-date web page when they are confirmed. There is some new info most weeks!

Yours in model ships,

Clive and Dave August 2021.


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