Release Number 19 - 29

#1 von Karl , 14.07.2016 04:40

Guten Morgen,

anbei die nächsten Neuheiten.

Viele Grüße


Dear Karl

I am pleased to annouce the latest new release of 1/1250th models from Mountford for the month of July

NEW 2016 RELEASE NUMBER 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, and 29

Mountford are please to release information on their latest project. This item is one layout to show off your container ships to their best. The Container Port comes complete as shown in the pictures (less the Container ship available seperately, MM436KP). The model contains parts MM439 to MM443 Inclusive. The reference numbers for the port is MM438KP Containers Port (Complete) and is priced at £59.95 Painted and £39.95 kit. Two or more port layouts can easily be placed side by side to allow larger container ships to be displayed.

The individual items are also available seperately to allow the collector to develop their Container Port. They are referenced and priced as follows:

MM439KP Portainer Crane (All Metal) Painted £14.95 Kit £9.95
MM440KP Large Straddle Crane Painted £5.95 Kit £3.95
MM441KP Medium Straddle Crane Painted £4.95 Kit £2.45
MM442KP Small Straddle Crane (pack of three) Painted £4.95 Kit £2.45
MM443KP Straddle crane Workshop Painted £5.95 Kit £3.95

Other items are available as well to allow the collector to develop their Container Port. These are as follows:

MM444KP 3 Container Stack £4.95 Painted £2.45 kit
MM445KP 6 Container Stack £5.95 Painted £3.45 kit
MM446KP Multiple Container Stack Painted £14.95 £5.95 Kit
MM447KP 5 container stack Painted £6.95 £3.95 Kit

I have attached pictures of the Complete Container Port and all individual items except the 5 Container Stack. The models have been mastered be Mountford's in house sculptor. The Container Port is in resin with metal metal and photo etched detail. All the accessories are in white metal with the exception of the Portainer Crane which is white metal and photo etched.

I am now taking pre orders for the Container Port and accessories and they be on Show at Theale on Sunday 17th July.


Matthew Tarrant
MT Miniatures Ltd

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RE: Release Number 19 - 29

#2 von proflutz , 14.07.2016 15:13

Ist ja alles sehr schön, aber die bisherige Fokussierung auf "Lücken" im Angebot von Nachkriegseinheiten besnders der britischen und amerikanischen "Grey-Funnel-Lines" scheint leider zumindest vorest aufgegeben worden zu sein.

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