Neuer Vertriebsweg?

#1 von Karl , 07.02.2019 07:27

Guten Morgen,

mich hat folgende Mail erreicht, offensichtlich gibt es bei Mountford neue Vertriebspartner oder neue Strukturen.

Viele Grüße




Dear model ship enthusiast, as we move into the New Year it is time to give some detail and order of our 2019 programme. Yes we have been very busy so it’s time for some more info.

RFA Sir Galahad 1987 in metal is painted and just being finished so expected at the beginning of February, is priced at £39.95, and its catalogue number is XAS 003.

OCEANIC 111 in resin and in 1200 scale is the next release catalogue number MM500. She is an imaginary vessel in the same 1200 scale as Triang Minic Ships as was the Cunard Q3. We will let you know when we have an accurate date of release and a price. She is in the paint shop at the moment.

Tooled and cast and soon to go in production are the first three Spirit Class Cross Channel ferries.

There will be Spirit of Free Enterprise in Townsend Thoresen (MM506), Pride of Bruges in P & O (MM502) and Oleander in Trans Europa Ferries (MM504). They are in metal and we plan to produce these ships in all the liveries carried in their service lives. The lengthened version of the Spirit of Free Enterprise will also be made in 3 liveries. Catalogue numbers will be from MM501.

The next XAS model (004) will be Sir David Attenborough the Ocean Research Ship in metal. The master has been made and casting has begun for this.

Virginia class submarines will also be released in the first half of the year along with several RN classes of nuclear submarines which are missing from the Mountford range such as the Dreadnought and Swiftsure classes.

At the same time, back catalogue items and recent release items will be made as and when. If you have a firm interest in a back catalogue item please let us know and when there is enough demand from retail/trade then that item will be added to the production schedule. The Bay Class, HMS Scott and a few Queen Elizabeth are expected next week, so order now if this is on your to-buy list.

Recent releases which will be restocked automatically are the Ocean, Argus, and Centaur, three Brittany Ferries, the Condor ferries and the Isle of Man ferries.

When we have stocks we will send an email to you asking for money! As Sir Galahad is on the horizon and we have a realistic date of delivery we will take advance orders and payment for this model. There is a flier of a pre-production model attached to this email and will soon be on the website. So if you would like to order a Galahad please let us know and we will do the rest.

Yours in model ships.

Clive, Dave and Matt. End of January 2019

NB please address all communications through

[[File:Galahad flier XAS 003.pdf]]

Galahad flier XAS 003.pdf

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RE: Neuer Vertriebsweg?

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Ja bezug über triang Händler. Triang hat ja seit Jahren nichts neues mehr gebracht. Und die kunststoffmasten!
Sir gallahad schön, wenn man noch nicht die von SeaVee hat. Sonst scheint leider das RN Lückenfüller Gespür verloren gegangen.

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